Has it been almost 4 years?



In my internet browsing tonight for about 3.2 seconds between the children sitting down for one last cartoon before bed, and them deciding it wasn’t interesting enough, I found this fun theme going around the internet:


So, in the time after they went to bed, when I should have been finishing the 4 loads of laundry on the couch, cleaning, or possibly getting things ready for tomorrow, I instead decided to do this:


After almost 4 years of raising them, I feel I’ve deserved to have a little fun with it. And, besides, what’s a little velociraptor going to do if you’re not feeding it fast enough? Bite you? Been there, done that.



Last day of being two!

It’s a big day tomorrow: the littles turn three, take their first plane trip, and move to an island in the pacific!

This navy move has definitely been more involved than others. Thankfully God’s got a great plan and so far it’s been the least ulcer inducing I could think of. It’s always nice when what we think is the best thing for us works out!

They are very excited about their birthday and flying to hawaii. The best part? They get daddy back! He’s been gone a month and I think it’s probably the best present they could get.

Thankfully between two hotels, 700 miles of driving, a rental van, and lots of chaos, they’ve done pretty well. It’s fun to see them try to figure things out, and hopefully the amazement they have of planes and airports doesn’t go away in the first hour we’re there.


Oh, and did I remind you yet? We have a FIRST Grader in the house. Seriously. How did that happen?


You just gotta adapt

People ask me all.the.friggin.time…. “How do you do it?!”

It’s simple. We adapt. Constantly. I remember with older brother that we’d finally get in a groove, feel like we understood our roles and how to keep him alive through the day, and then he’d learn something new. First it was rolling. Then crawling. Then walking. You get the picture.

Now multiply that. Times three.

And now imagine them learning cooperation. I’m all for good play skills and life lessons and teaching them how to be team players. And our kids get to learn that early (how many 2 year olds do you know spend 24 hours a day with two other 2 year olds, and a big brother who can teach them all sorts of naughty things??). But they take it to a far greater level. They sit there and work together to climb tables, empty the pantry, open juice boxes… you name it, they can probably work together and figure it out.

So as such, we have to be innovative. And adaptive. And sometimes just down right tricky to keep them alive.

If you ask anyone who comes to my house at least once a month, our furniture moves around. A lot. If you ask my husband, it moves around too much.



First we had cribs. And they were awesome cribs. And then Jaina started learning how to hang from the rail and walk her feet up them. And the others started learning how to do jumping jacks. And pull things off dressers.

So we took off the sides. I’d prefer them playing to learning how to climb out and kill themselves or each other.


And that worked. For a while at least. No more lifting children in and out of bed. They didn’t scream incessantly when they thought it was time to get up (Even if it was 4 am), they just played. It was great.

Until they learned they could do this.


So now, we have game plan #47. Jace has the second half of Aiden’s bunk beds (which was always the plan). We had hoped to tide the girls over with the toddler style beds until we moved, and then get them their new gear on the other side of the country. So we put the cribs up for sale, thinking it’d take a while. They were sold in 24 hours. Drat, there goes that plan.

So we put the mattresses on the floor. Surely that will work!

And we learned, again, that triplets when put together are smarter than a grown adult.

So beds are ordered. Mattresses were bought (Sure, I forget to take a picture of that one, two mattresses on top of a minivan). Quilts that were planned for them just to have will double as blankets on their beds (No, Aiden isn’t left out, his is still in progress). At least it spurred me to finish them sooner than later!


And the moral of this whole story?

I hope our next house is bigger.

EDIT: We finally got the big kid beds in! The girls seem absolutely thrilled. And thank you, Circo, for selling coordinating bedding in Pink/Purple, that wasn’t “too” little girl so they can grow and keep it for a while! (too bad you can’t really see it in the picture because of their Star Wars quilts!)

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Playing Catchup

Sorry it’s been so long. Sometimes life gets in the way of what we want to do, but it’s normally good that it does. It’s refreshing to sit down and just play/watch/share and not photograph/write/document (though I do still try to sneak that in as possible).

First a catch up from their birthday party. Can you believe it was almost a month ago?!


IMG_0610 IMG_0625IMG_0618

IMG_0631 IMG_0655



The kids had a blast. We had a “Three Ring Circus” theme for the party (ha. ha. ha.) complete with Cracker Jacks, cupcakes, sandwiches, chips, and beer (for the adults, I promise).

We had some amazing friends come, the babies’ had an absolute blast. Aiden enjoyed hanging out with the older siblings, and it was overall amazing.

A few notes:
*The “frosting creations” white icing at the store that you can get flavor packets to color/flavor it? Don’t waste your money. First, it’s more like a royal icing, it’s very thin consistency. Second, it doesn’t come out near the colors you think it will. But at noon when the party is at 2? It works. And the kids didn’t seem to care in the slightest.

*Get the group picture BEFORE letting them run around the playground. Not after. Because once they know they are allowed free roam? They disagree with the idea of being put on the stepping stones for pictures.

Cheers! to 6 months before the next birthday party has to be executed!

Not babies, but… children??

Wow. So we just had the 2 year well-check for the three little penguins. First off, I forgot that after turning two the kids no longer have to be weighed on the infant table, stripped down to diapers, and measured using pencil and measuring tape on the table. Holy crap. I’ve spent two years now dressing them in outfits easy to get on/off, limiting how many socks we have on so that I don’t have to deal with that, and dreading trying to keep them contained while I dress/undress the others. It was HEAVEN.

So we’re all there, I’m bribing the children with yogurt raisins (which I felt compelled to tell the nurse about lest she think I’m feeding them chocolate or something to keep them quiet), and Aiden is flitting between playing on the phone, taking pictures with the phone, and begging for more treats himself. Apparently I starve these kids.


The results, however, are in….. drumroll please…. (click on the links to view full growth charts)

Jacen: 34″, 26.8lb

Jaina: 32.75″, 25.4lb

Val: 34″, 23.3lb

The heights probably aren’t quite as accurate as I’d like, but mostly because what 2 year old can stand against a measuring tape, heels to the wall, and look straight ahead?? I mean, the 5 year old is still not 100% reliable at it.


I’d call it a successful two years, though. They’re happily on their curve (or exceeding it), and only time will tell where they end up. It’s said your height at 2 years old doubled is roughly what you’ll be when you grow up, but I’m not sure how to adjust for their 33 week preemie birth. Everything else we now throw the “adjustments” out the window and compare them to others their age (GASP! No more excuses if they get behind!), but for this one thing I might remeasure again in August just to see how it pans out 18 years from now 😉 I mean, really, can you imagine any daughter of ours growing to only be 5’6″?


The days are long, but the years are short

People always say that. And I never believed it. Even with Aiden I didn’t really believe it. Partially because we were on sea duty with the Navy at the time, and between deployments and 18 hour work days, the years were long as well.

But with triplets+1 on shore duty? Each day lasts forever. I love my children, but I want even just half of their energy. I don’t know how they do it! But all of a sudden, I stand back, and I have three littles who aren’t even babies anymore. Technically, I guess as of Thursday, they’re “toddlers.” I don’t quite understand that term as they don’t toddle any where – they run full speed and jump off it – but none the less, they cannot any longer be called babies (at least not by anyone else. They’ll ALWAYS be my babies).

How in the world did we get here? People always say it must have been so hard as infants. They are wrong. Sure, we were tired. But we still are! And sure, we had no time to ourselves. But we still don’t! Now? They don’t stay where they’re put, they yell and complain about everything, and they already think they know the best way to do something (even though it likely will take twice as long).

Last night Jaina wanted in the high chair at dinner. So she climbed up and in. And then got frustrated it wasn’t where she wanted it. I swear she would have climbed out, fixed it, and climbed back in had we let her.

And Valerie chooses her own shoes now. There is no amount of persuasion capable of convincing her that one pair is better suited for a situation.

And Jacen? He finished his dinner. Went to his sister’s chair (the pink one), finished hers. Went to his other sister’s chair (the purple one), finished that. Went to his brother’s chair, finished that. And asked for more. What word is most important to a 2 year old boy? MORE.

Aiden? He’s realized his babies can play with him now. And he gets them to do everything he’s not supposed to, joins in, and then argues “But the babies are doing it!” Well played.

Now? We’ve got 3 (almost) 2-yr-olds, a 5 year old, and craziness ahead with heading back to the “real” world of Navy submarine life. I’m sure the stories will get more interesting, and the adventures more exciting. This will be an exciting next year! But I may pretend, at least for today, that Thursday isn’t approaching as fast as it is!

So this is what happens…

when you take three small children who haven’t had naps, who are screaming their heads off, and see what happens with the gloriousness of cartoons.

side tangent: WHAT did parents do back in the day of tantrums and fussiness without a little TV?!


Step 1: Place smallish children on daddy’s lap.



2) Leave the house to run a few errands. Come back to find this.



3) Remove the two non-sleeping children from the equation by taking them outside. Resulting in this.


Lessons learned:

  • Apparently, though Mommy’s lap isn’t good enough for them to sleep anymore, daddy’s still is.
  • They only care if someone is touching them when it’s mommy in charge. They don’t mind all cuddling with daddy at the same time.
  • The pink princess rejects the concept of sleep. That said, she was probably the only one to actually have fallen asleep during nap earlier that day (prior to one of the others climbing in her bed to jump on her or lay on her or do any number of things to wake her up.
  • All small boys like to sleep rump in the air, apparently.

So while they have not fallen asleep on me in at least 18 months, they finally fell asleep. On daddy. Thank you Disney Junior.


Wait, where’d May go??

So someone told me today that it’s June 1st.

Hold the presses. Are you kidding me? How did that happen?! That means in less than 19 days, the three little penguins will be TWO. 2. How did that happen??

May was a busy month, and I know I haven’t kept you up to date much, so here’s a few photos to recap!

To start the month off, Steven went to Massachusetts for his sister’s graduation from LAW school. Well, since we had to drive him to San Fran anyways, we figured we’d hit up the amazing Arts and Science Exploration museum, and meet an amazing twin mom (mom of FIVE girls, plus one more baby on the way!). It was incredible to meet her – we have been friends for almost two years online and just now met up. It was awesome in every way possible, and her girls are so sweet and well behaved it gives me hope for the future! Two moms with 9 children definitely causes a bit of a commotion though!


We had a lot of fun in the sun now that it’s actually pretending to be summer more often than it’s pretending to be winter. And by summer, I mean it’s finally in the 60s on a regular basis with sunlight! When it hits 80 there’s even a heat advisory!




As I’ve thought often before, I don’t know why I buy the children any toys. All you need is a box and it keeps them happy for hours. I mean, why get toys to put in the toy bins when you can play with the bin itself??


We’ve mastered the art of tantrum throwing (these are both Jaina).


IMG_1635 IMG_0358

And a certain big brother “graduate” Pre-K. They still have one more week of school, but it’s all fun and games (you know, more so than normal), and then it’s off to summer! Most people are sad when their kids don’t have school. Me? I’m glad I don’t have to drive twice a day every day anymore!!

IMG_0462 IMG_0470

And that about recaps it! Here’s to the start of another busy month!

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Is it… summer?

Last year, while the kids sure enjoyed the outdoors, I couldn’t really just let them play out there unsupervised. It was a long summer where mommy either couldn’t get anything done, or they were cooped up inside. They hadn’t quite mastered steps yet, so I couldn’t leave the door open for them to come in and out at their leisure, and so we didn’t play out much at all.

Today? It’s 73. And sunny. And, honestly, hot. Our house is already at 80 and it’ll get worse before the night is over (yay no A/C and west facing windows!)

And I’m sitting here on the computer, drinking some iced coffee, while they giggle and laugh with glee. Outside. By themselves.

Sure it’s not perfect. There are fights for toys every now and then. And a few pinched fingers in doors, or bumps from falling. But overall? It’s heaven. I could get used to this.


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A few videos from the last week

The first is Jaina jumping. Now, remember, Aiden didn’t want to jump until he was like…. 5. So the fact that she can actually clear the ground? Just builds my case that we’ll need to start gymnastics sooner than later.

Easter Brunch was… amusing. To say the least. Started off with hysterics because I wouldn’t let her drink the orange juice out of a cup by herself. She was happy once we got a sippy cup for her to use. And then at the end we had dessert. Steven went to get desserts and got cheesecake for the babies (white = less mess), and chocolate for himself. As you can see, Jaina had her own opinion about that idea.

Lastly, the new favorite movie in the house is Wreck it Ralph. It’s every 80s child’s dream movie complete with arcade games, music, and lots of fun jokes. Yes, we bought the movie for them. That’s right. I promise. Anyways, the main character is “Wreck it Ralph.” Only, unfortunately, in our house Ralph got Wrecked.