Triplets’ Firsts

Everyone always asks, “When did your baby start ___?” Well, for us, trying to remember 3 dates is near impossible. So instead, we’re going to keep track of who was the first to do it!

Baby Pushup: Jaina

Roll from front to back: Jaina

Smiles: Jaina (7 weeks)

Laugh: Valerie (4 months)

Coo/Talk: Valerie (3.5 months)

Sleep through the night: Valerie (4 months)

Hold their bottle: Jaina (4 months)

Roll from back to front: Jacen (23 weeks)

First to crawl: Jaina (7.5 months), Jacen and Valerie (3/30; 9 months).

First to sit unassisted: Jaina at 7.5 months (sturdiest), Val and Jacen right around the same time but a little wobblier for short periods

First tooth: Jaina (2/25), Jacen (3/2), Valerie (3/31)
Second tooth: Jaina (2/26), Jacen (3/15), Val (4/20)
Third tooth: Jacen (3/31), Jaina (4/15), Val (5/6)
Fourth tooth: Jacen (4/20), Jaina (5/1), Val (5/7)

First to clap: Valerie (8 months, 2/29), Jace (4/19)

First to pull up to standing: Jaina (8 months, 2/29)

First time sitting for extended periods without any handholds or toys: Jacen (3/15), Valerie (3/17), Jaina (3/25)

First to get stuck standing in their crib and not know how to get down: Jaina (3/31)

First to stand unassisted (voluntarily): Val (7/31)

First to walk: Jaina (8/16), Val (8/23), Jacen (9/29)

First to scale the couch: Jace (9/10)

First to get their leg stuck in the crib trying to climb out: Jace (10/4)

Real words:

Jacen: “Banana”

Jaina: “Bye bye dada”

Valerie: “Shoe”

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