A few videos from the last week

The first is Jaina jumping. Now, remember, Aiden didn’t want to jump until he was like…. 5. So the fact that she can actually clear the ground? Just builds my case that we’ll need to start gymnastics sooner than later.


Easter Brunch was… amusing. To say the least. Started off with hysterics because I wouldn’t let her drink the orange juice out of a cup by herself. She was happy once we got a sippy cup for her to use. And then at the end we had dessert. Steven went to get desserts and got cheesecake for the babies (white = less mess), and chocolate for himself. As you can see, Jaina had her own opinion about that idea.


Lastly, the new favorite movie in the house is Wreck it Ralph. It’s every 80s child’s dream movie complete with arcade games, music, and lots of fun jokes. Yes, we bought the movie for them. That’s right. I promise. Anyways, the main character is “Wreck it Ralph.” Only, unfortunately, in our house Ralph got Wrecked.


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