Not babies, but… children??

Wow. So we just had the 2 year well-check for the three little penguins. First off, I forgot that after turning two the kids no longer have to be weighed on the infant table, stripped down to diapers, and measured using pencil and measuring tape on the table. Holy crap. I’ve spent two years now dressing them in outfits easy to get on/off, limiting how many socks we have on so that I don’t have to deal with that, and dreading trying to keep them contained while I dress/undress the others. It was HEAVEN.

So we’re all there, I’m bribing the children with yogurt raisins (which I felt compelled to tell the nurse about lest she think I’m feeding them chocolate or something to keep them quiet), and Aiden is flitting between playing on the phone, taking pictures with the phone, and begging for more treats himself. Apparently I starve these kids.


The results, however, are in….. drumroll please…. (click on the links to view full growth charts)

Jacen: 34″, 26.8lb

Jaina: 32.75″, 25.4lb

Val: 34″, 23.3lb

The heights probably aren’t quite as accurate as I’d like, but mostly because what 2 year old can stand against a measuring tape, heels to the wall, and look straight ahead?? I mean, the 5 year old is still not 100% reliable at it.


I’d call it a successful two years, though. They’re happily on their curve (or exceeding it), and only time will tell where they end up. It’s said your height at 2 years old doubled is roughly what you’ll be when you grow up, but I’m not sure how to adjust for their 33 week preemie birth. Everything else we now throw the “adjustments” out the window and compare them to others their age (GASP! No more excuses if they get behind!), but for this one thing I might remeasure again in August just to see how it pans out 18 years from now 😉 I mean, really, can you imagine any daughter of ours growing to only be 5’6″?


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