So this is what happens…

when you take three small children who haven’t had naps, who are screaming their heads off, and see what happens with the gloriousness of cartoons.

side tangent: WHAT did parents do back in the day of tantrums and fussiness without a little TV?!


Step 1: Place smallish children on daddy’s lap.



2) Leave the house to run a few errands. Come back to find this.



3) Remove the two non-sleeping children from the equation by taking them outside. Resulting in this.


Lessons learned:

  • Apparently, though Mommy’s lap isn’t good enough for them to sleep anymore, daddy’s still is.
  • They only care if someone is touching them when it’s mommy in charge. They don’t mind all cuddling with daddy at the same time.
  • The pink princess rejects the concept of sleep. That said, she was probably the only one to actually have fallen asleep during nap earlier that day (prior to one of the others climbing in her bed to jump on her or lay on her or do any number of things to wake her up.
  • All small boys like to sleep rump in the air, apparently.

So while they have not fallen asleep on me in at least 18 months, they finally fell asleep. On daddy. Thank you Disney Junior.


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