Finally updating

And, apparently I’m horrible at blog keeping. Because the last time we talked I posted pics of our trip to Japan, and now here I am posting about our trip to Korea.

That’s right. The kids have now visited their second foreign country! In February we jumped at the chance for another port call in another country and we up and left for South Korea. IMG_5207 (1)

Let’s just say that it was a *tad* bit colder there than in Hawaii. Like, low 30s and even 20s at night. While we might have had to buy a few new wardrobe items for the kids (didn’t quite fit into what we had from CT almost 2 years ago), it was a lot of fun to have a real winter!IMG_5228

Highlight of the trip, obviously, was seeing daddy!IMG_5254

We spent most of the trip in Busan (on the far south on the ocean) and it is an amazing town. While I never would have thought to travel to S. Korea myself, I really am glad we did and I’d consider a trip back. Mostly because the food was AMAZING. There were some fun things like the international market where you could pick your own eel or octopus for dinner (no, we didn’t partake. I like my food already cooked when I see it for the first time).IMG_5259 IMG_5325Every now and then they would oblige and take a photo with me, but really they just wanted to be with dad.

Finally got another family photo! IMG_5321

Not too often do families have 4 kids in a restaurant in Korea, but it was so much fun to try out the different places. IMG_5326IMG_5302 IMG_5304

This was the “Temple by the Sea” – an absolutely amazing temple. The views were fabulous and the history and architecture are just amazing.IMG_5343IMG_5346 IMG_5359

The other amazing thing about Korea? The indoor childrens’ play places. Like this one. Hello Kitty themed, they had a ball pit, paddle boats, kids train, and so much more. And, on top of that, it’s very hands off parenting there. So you sit at your table, drink your drink (either coffee or beer/wine as you prefer), and you can check on your kids on the CCTV cameras throughout the place if you feel like it. But, mostly, you just hang out and chat with your friends while they have the time of their lives. Honestly? I kind of wish we had an adult version of this place!IMG_5398IMG_5395 IMG_5397 IMG_5403

Overall, we had the time of our lives. The kids were such troopers, totaling 47 miles over the 4.5 days in Busan. 47. Seriously. Think about that. IMG_5408IMG_5410

That’s what she thought about that. I think the day she fell asleep walking we’d only done about 8.5 too 😉IMG_5500

We spent some time the last day up in Osan (on the way to the airport we flew in and out of) and had the time of our lives with another amazing military multiples’ mom and her four kids. Suffice it to say, only another military mom with 4 kids living internationally can fully appreciate travelling with kids solo.

2016 – new year, new possibilities

Wow, it’s the new year already. How in the world?

What have we been up to since I last posted? Well, a lot. Hence the not posting.

Since last time I wrote, we’ve started a new school year (2nd grade and PK), started new sports (transitioned from Karate to Bowling for A and Gymnastics for the littles), made it through a few months of a deployment, and had a couple grand adventures in the way of port calls (Japan with all of us, and Guam as a belated 10th anniversary solo trip while the kids stayed home)!

What’s that, you say? A trip to Japan with all of us? You mean that you had help on the flight, right? Well, no. And it really went amazingly well. So much I’d do it again in a heart beat. With a last minute notice of date AND location change for the port call, we packed up one suitcase with 7 days clothing each, a backpack of goodies for the plane for each kid, and me with a carryon and a giant purse and went to the military air terminal to catch a Space-Available (Space-A) flight. When I say “Space-A,” I mean exactly that. The military has flights around the world daily for mission readiness – either sailors/soldiers being transported, or supplies being delivered. If that plane has some extra room left over then they graciously allow families to take the seats (if there are any… sometimes it’s just a jump seat along the side with space on the floor to lay if you’re so inclined).


Many travelers are more experienced (or better prepared) than I and came equipped with sleeping bags, air mattresses.. you name it. For us? I had an airplane quality blanket and pillow on the ground and that was about it. But, hey, it was better than sleeping sitting up in a jumpseat, right?

So we arrived in Okinawa, Japan, and then had to make our way up to Tokyo. This involved a bit of chaos (again, with Space-A, they don’t hold planes if yours is delayed, and sometimes even if there were originally seats available they have to take them for mission reasons), but we made it on a short commercial hop up to Tokyo, and then began the real grand adventure. While I’ve taken a semester of Japanese at the college level, and I felt I was pretty good at being able to ask where I was/where I needed to go/etc, it’s a whole different world when the signs are written in kanji not kana. And, while the public transportation was amazing, we started to realize the difficulties of travelling as a party of 5 when you needed something like a Taxi. Good thing they aren’t as strict on their seatbelt laws.

IMG_2861 IMG_2870

So, in the end, we made it to Yokosuka, we got checked into our hotel, and the next day we found our submariner! Life was pretty good. The subways/trains got easier every time (by the end I was actually recognizing some of the kanji!) and even the kids were pretty adept at “Sumimasen” (excuse me) and “Arigatou Gozaimasu” (thank you).

IMG_2920 IMG_2947 IMG_2992

“Hai, Karera wa mitsugo desu.” (Yes, they are triplets). Have you ever taken triplets to Japan? Let’s just say – Japanese tourists think they’re amazing as it is when we’re in the US. Go overseas? And you end up with a group of people wanting to take turns with you during the industrial fair.

IMG_3079 IMG_3100

Lots of queuing. They got pretty good at it!

IMG_3110 IMG_3116 IMG_3144 IMG_3152

Best part to the kids? Finding the My Little Pony cafe in Tokyo. Yes, it was a real thing. Apparently pop-up cafes are all the rage in Japan, and the month of November it happened to be a My Little Pony cafe. We lucked out that it was pretty close to the military hotel we dropped our bags at, too.

IMG_3159 IMG_3206 IMG_3225

As for the kids? They had a blast. The trip may have been a tiring one, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything. Till next time, Japan!


Only took a month

to finally post the first day of school pics!

069 070 071 072

And because I got his school pics back already, I’ll add that in as well!


The triplets don’t take theirs until the end of the month, so I’ll get those up when I finally get them.


And they’re off! I’ll add the better camera pics today but this was from drop off. (Jace wasn’t really having issues I was just trying to hide and he was trying to look for me… Haha. The girls, clearly, could have cared less!)


July 4th


First off, I saw this meme, and it cracked me up. Seriously. Love it.IMG_0809

3/4 looking isn’t too bad, right?IMG_0819

Thankful for an amazing neighborhood with great get togethers and lots of yummy food…IMG_0821


Though I’m thinking we might need to get Aiden a new camping chair… his doesn’t quite fit him any more!IMG_0822 IMG_0823

Bounce houses for the win. Knowing there were fireworks later that night, we went home for a short movie and hopefully nap time. Only one of the four took us up on the sleeping option, but the relaxing quiet time definitely helped them all!IMG_0824

I do want to know why kids despise naps so much, though. If you told four adults they could pull out sleeping bags for a movie and fall asleep, they wouldn’t make it through opening credits…IMG_0826

Now that we’re big 4 year olds (and a 7 year old), late night fireworks aren’t an automatic no. We had a blast with glow sticks, snacks, and campchairs by the water.IMG_0832 IMG_0834Happy Independence Day, America!



With the birthday excitement last week we didn’t get to mention the big news in Karate! Aiden took his first belt test and is now a yellow stripe in karate!

And, now that they’re 4, the triplets get to start too!

They are very excited to do karate with their big brother!

4 years old!

Wow, here we go! 4 years old now, hard to believe.

Well, they finally cannot be coerced to pick one birthday theme, so we went the creative route with three sets of decor on one cake. Lucky kids!

I was able to get them to wear matching shirts though (mostly because they were a surprise and partly because they were at least in their favorite colors).


Has it been almost 4 years?



In my internet browsing tonight for about 3.2 seconds between the children sitting down for one last cartoon before bed, and them deciding it wasn’t interesting enough, I found this fun theme going around the internet:

So, in the time after they went to bed, when I should have been finishing the 4 loads of laundry on the couch, cleaning, or possibly getting things ready for tomorrow, I instead decided to do this:


After almost 4 years of raising them, I feel I’ve deserved to have a little fun with it. And, besides, what’s a little velociraptor going to do if you’re not feeding it fast enough? Bite you? Been there, done that.