Is it… summer?

Last year, while the kids sure enjoyed the outdoors, I couldn’t really just let them play out there unsupervised. It was a long summer where mommy either couldn’t get anything done, or they were cooped up inside. They hadn’t quite mastered steps yet, so I couldn’t leave the door open for them to come in and out at their leisure, and so we didn’t play out much at all.

Today? It’s 73. And sunny. And, honestly, hot. Our house is already at 80 and it’ll get worse before the night is over (yay no A/C and west facing windows!)

And I’m sitting here on the computer, drinking some iced coffee, while they giggle and laugh with glee. Outside. By themselves.

Sure it’s not perfect. There are fights for toys every now and then. And a few pinched fingers in doors, or bumps from falling. But overall? It’s heaven. I could get used to this.


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2 thoughts on “Is it… summer?

  1. Hey, I was talking to Erica and we would like to drive down this summer. Is there a good way for us to contact you? Would love to see you guys!

    1. Oh my goodness, this message just started my day off better than anything else could have! I dropped you an email 🙂 Cannot wait!!!

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