Halloween Fun

So I’ll skip ahead to the fun stuff…  The pictures! We had a blast trick or treating even with a little rain. Such a difference from last year when they wouldn’t really go up by themselves.




Aiden also got to go to the pumpkin patch with his class, and had a lot of fun!



The triplets got to have a fun Fall party in class.




I do miss jeans and boots and hot cider in the chilly fall air, but paradise is quite fun too! It’s hard to believe it’s November when it’s 80 degrees out but we’re enjoying wearing costumes without snow jackets and going on field trips without risk of frost bite!

It’s been a while

I can’t believe it’s been so long. Life is, well, life. School, homework, gymnastics (for the littles) and boy scouts (for Aiden). We stay pretty busy Mon-Fri and try to sneak in family fun on the weekends!

So far we are loving school. All four are at the same school and I could not be more pleased with their teachers or the community.





Boy Scouts is fun (and exhausting) but we’re enjoying the fun meetings so far and looking forward to campouts and more soon!



The littles are enjoying gymnastics each week (even though it’s hot in the gym!!)




That’s about it here. Hard to believe it’s October already! Can’t wait for another holiday season with them.

12 days


12 days. That’s how long it took this time to clear the house of boxes. I’m actually quite proud of this. The best part of 4 kids is that, while you have to break up the squabbles every so often they keep each other entertained. The clutter still needs to be organized better but I’m quite happy!

Boys room (aka Star Wars explosion)


Girls’ room


Stairwell (need to update photos too)




The kids seem to like having their rooms finished and I like that the cardboard explosion has vacated the premises. It’s a nice change to have too much wall space and not have to pick and choose wall photos.


We arrived on island June 20. Finally on July 30 we received our household goods AND van!!

We are now surrounded by boxes, but it’s almost like Christmas in July around here!

Pre-children my first goal was always kitchen followed by bedrooms and media center. Now? Media center followed by game room. A lot more gets accomplished when they are distracted!


Now only 200 more boxes to go…

When you live on an island…

… You have to learn to swim.
Whether you like it or not.

After our first session of swim class we finally have 4 kids who are excited for it (at least at the start of class!). All still “level 1” but they completed more than half of the skills.

Val has surpassed the others and even tries to use her arms to swim.

Aiden will finally bob voluntarily (read: without the instructor dunking him) and tries to swim, which is a HUGE improvement over last year. I’m hoping maybe one more session and he’ll move to level 2.

Jacen and Jaina are really enjoying floating and being pulled through the water (as long as their head doesn’t have to get wet). Overall I’m really impressed and excited for session two!



I can’t believe I haven’t updated until now. We’re officially here in Hawaii!!

The kids did amazing on the flight, the airports, the cars, everything. I’m pretty sure they even dealt with the time change better (though they did get a nap I didn’t!).

We are settled in (as much as can be with loaner furniture) and loving life. How can anything be wrong when you’re living in paradise? It’s honestly amazing how little we actually *need* to live. I have a feeling some purging will occur as boxes get unpacked!!


The kids are all in swim class. The first day it was questionable. At least the other moms laughed with me as Valerie did everything possible to avoid the water! By day two she only cried 20 minutes and whimpered the last 10. Day 3? Seven minutes of years followed by giggles and splashing. We’ll see what day 4 brings!!!




Last day of being two!

It’s a big day tomorrow: the littles turn three, take their first plane trip, and move to an island in the pacific!

This navy move has definitely been more involved than others. Thankfully God’s got a great plan and so far it’s been the least ulcer inducing I could think of. It’s always nice when what we think is the best thing for us works out!

They are very excited about their birthday and flying to hawaii. The best part? They get daddy back! He’s been gone a month and I think it’s probably the best present they could get.

Thankfully between two hotels, 700 miles of driving, a rental van, and lots of chaos, they’ve done pretty well. It’s fun to see them try to figure things out, and hopefully the amazement they have of planes and airports doesn’t go away in the first hour we’re there.


Oh, and did I remind you yet? We have a FIRST Grader in the house. Seriously. How did that happen?


Moving (yet again)

As we approach 9 years of marriage and almost 8 years since Steven signed with the Navy, we have…
• Lived in 5 states (CT twice)
• Driven cross country twice as an entire family, once while Steven was deployed.
• Lived at 6 addresses

Needless to say, moving is nothing new to us (though hopefully in future years the average will get a little higher than 1.5 years per house!)

We are finishing up day two of the move and I’m at the point that if I could wave a magic wand and just make the rest of my stuff disappear, I’d be ok with it. Even Jacen says moving is exhausting.

The movers this time have been great so far, very expedient. But the results and damage report on the other end will tell the full story. Fingers crossed!

The kids are doing pretty well with it. Aiden’s finishing up his last week of kindergarten (how did that happen?!) so he misses most of the boring sitting, and the triplets have seen four different movies at least twice each. Mother of the year? Maybe.

We ended up getting a hotel a night early due to the movers being faster than I expected, and it has worked out pretty well (though I’m not sure where I’m sleeping as the kids have taken the four pillows as their own and left me with no room!!