I can’t believe I haven’t updated until now. We’re officially here in Hawaii!!

The kids did amazing on the flight, the airports, the cars, everything. I’m pretty sure they even dealt with the time change better (though they did get a nap I didn’t!).

We are settled in (as much as can be with loaner furniture) and loving life. How can anything be wrong when you’re living in paradise? It’s honestly amazing how little we actually *need* to live. I have a feeling some purging will occur as boxes get unpacked!!


The kids are all in swim class. The first day it was questionable. At least the other moms laughed with me as Valerie did everything possible to avoid the water! By day two she only cried 20 minutes and whimpered the last 10. Day 3? Seven minutes of years followed by giggles and splashing. We’ll see what day 4 brings!!!




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