Moving (yet again)

As we approach 9 years of marriage and almost 8 years since Steven signed with the Navy, we have…
• Lived in 5 states (CT twice)
• Driven cross country twice as an entire family, once while Steven was deployed.
• Lived at 6 addresses

Needless to say, moving is nothing new to us (though hopefully in future years the average will get a little higher than 1.5 years per house!)

We are finishing up day two of the move and I’m at the point that if I could wave a magic wand and just make the rest of my stuff disappear, I’d be ok with it. Even Jacen says moving is exhausting.

The movers this time have been great so far, very expedient. But the results and damage report on the other end will tell the full story. Fingers crossed!

The kids are doing pretty well with it. Aiden’s finishing up his last week of kindergarten (how did that happen?!) so he misses most of the boring sitting, and the triplets have seen four different movies at least twice each. Mother of the year? Maybe.

We ended up getting a hotel a night early due to the movers being faster than I expected, and it has worked out pretty well (though I’m not sure where I’m sleeping as the kids have taken the four pillows as their own and left me with no room!!





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