Origins of Darth Hulk

So I realized that I should explain how a child this adorably sweet


could get the nickname of “Darth Hulk.”

Well, there are a variety of reasons. First, when he gets mad, he gets mad.

Like, fist shaking, yelling, throwing things mad.

He also seems to use force powers to try and electrocute people when he is very angry at them.


Not the best photo of it, but it gets the point across. He extends a hand, shakes it at them, and you can imagine him trying to use his mental strength to cause them to choke or something.

Bam Bam could also be an apt title for him, as, well, he likes to bam things.

But overall it’s best when he’s really mad. Like the other day, he had a paper crown on his head (from Aiden’s party). Got mad at something. Took the hat off and threw it. Then tried to kick it. It got stuck to his foot. That didn’t help the situation. Kicked and kicked and kicked till it came off. And then he proceeded to stomp on it for good measure.

I’ll have to video one of these outbursts for prosperity’s sake some day. Or maybe for a future girlfriend. But mostly just because it’s so darn funny. And laughing at him just makes him all the more angry.


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