Nursing in Public

I am not nearly this eloquent. Nor do I have the time to look up the photos, the links, and then write all of it.

But I have to share this link.

She makes a very valid point.


I don’t have any photos, and even if I did, I probably wouldn’t be sharing. But that’s not the point. When they are this tiny and cute, how can anyone ever be rude about how you choose to feed them?!

You’d think in today’s day and age of acceptance, tolerance, freedom of choice, sexuality, relationship statuses, and everything else, how a mother chooses to feed her children would be the least of anyone’s concerns. Or not a concern of theirs at all. I’ve never once seen a mother who is a fan of nursing ask a mother who is bottle feeding to “take them to the bathroom, that is indecent to do in public.” I have, however, heard that comment to a nursing mother at a restaurant. Thankfully, not directed at me, because I’m pretty sure I’d have gone mama bear on their ass. But none-the-less, people need to get over it. Babies are cute and adorable. That’s all that really matters is that they’re fed, loved, and taken care of. And wouldn’t you prefer a quietly feeding baby (bottle or breast) to one screaming bloody murder in the booth next to you at a restaurant? Or movie? Or store? I know I sure would!

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