Midnight journal entry of Darth Hulk

Editor’s note: This entry comes courtesy of Darth Hulk, otherwise known as Jacen, after his latest escapade to the living room well after bedtime hour has passed. I just realized, however, I’ve never explained Darth Hulk’s nickname, and will have to rectify that in the near future.

So tonight, I just didn’t feel like sleeping. Mommy tried to put us to bed early because of something known as a time change. Doesn’t she understand that what really happens is now we have an excuse to stay up late AND get up early for at least a week?

Anyhoo, so there I am playing in my bed and the pink one decides to wake up and start crying. Sweet! That means that mommy and daddy will coming running because she NEVER cries. I might as well join in on this fun! When mommy came in, she looked around the room, and I sprang to the edge of the cage they keep me in (they think it’s humane to call it a crib, but the only difference is they haven’t put a top on it. Little do they know they’ll need that soon) to say hi. With some tears down my face (and a giant grin that she came), she picked me up. This, of course, meant that the pink one got upset and was released as well. And the other sister was awoken by the commotion. Mommy is nicer than daddy. He would have left us all there. Mommy? She’s a sucker. She picked up all 70+ pounds of us and carried us to the couch.


I don’t really get why the pink one was so sad at this point. I mean, really, daddy had a camera and mommy was holding us. What could be better?

Anyhoo, so there we are, and daddy sits down with us. He offers his lap. The purple one was still sleepy and not quite realizing the opportunity, and the pink one was upset. So I jumped at the chance. Literally. I tried to jump over my sisters. They didn’t like that too much. And then I got happy play time in daddy’s lap! He tickled me, and I made mommy laugh so much she cried! Then I realized that sissy (the pink one, not the purple one) was RIGHT there. I mean, like a centimeter away. So I started inching my leg towards her. Laughing. Daddy started a running commentary that was pretty accurate. “I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you! Hehehe, I’m kicking you, hehehe” She didn’t appreciate it too much. So he dragged me away. Then I tried to hit her with the remote. She didn’t like that either. Then I tried to head butt her. But not complete – just ALMOST touching her, not actually. I’m not too sure why I got in trouble for that one, I didn’t actually touch her! SO, I figured at that point since I was in trouble anyways, I might as well.

Then she farted at me. Daddy said she was imagining Monty Python as she did it, thinking,

Only mommy said it should be lingonberries instead of elderberries since we had Ikea earlier today. Daddy said that wasn’t accurate from the movie. I don’t really get what it is they’re talking about. They don’t show us the good movies yet.

At that point they decided I was laughing too much and it was time for bed.

Clearly I should work on holding back the humor just a bit next time, so I can get at least 10 minutes of respite from that cage crib… Till next time!

Darth Hulk  Jacen

3 thoughts on “Midnight journal entry of Darth Hulk

  1. I like how “Darth Hulk” referred to his sisters as the ‘pink one’ and the ‘purple one.’ That was a funny commentary from his perspective. : 0 ). I also love the cute picture.

  2. Linking up from multiples mama
    LOVE how you/he calls them “pink one” & “purple one”. My BGB trio are so color coded they can’t eat or drink if their plate/cup isn’t the correct color! Blue, Pink, Green. Their sheets. Their blankets. Their everything. At 3 they argue “Well that is my toy because it is blue, & I am blue.” I think I have them warped!

    1. Oh my goodness, I can imagine that. They throw fits if they get the wrong cup already! I’m sure they’ll know those three colors long before my older son knew any, but not care about any other color in the world! I imagine it’ll be easier when they wear different sizes too – no sorting by size, but just by color!

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