Mom, you’re so frustrating!!


That phrase is already being heard in this house. And it typically inspires laughter. There are a lot of things we don’t allow to be said in the house. The word Hate is one of them. Also included on that list are certain-4-letter-words that are only said by mommy and daddy and typically during football. I’ve also banned the word “Alllllriiiiiiiiight” in lieu of “yes ma’am” (or even just yes will suffice normally), as well as “stupid,” because it’s just not nice.

Most of the time this phrase is heard after asking for simple chores to be done. No, your underwear do not belong in my living room. No, “putting away your toys” does not mean barely opening the playroom door, throwing them in, and shutting it behind you. All these things he knows, and so when he is reminded it is a tad frustrating. Apparently.

As is asking for a picture to be taken.


But on the other hand, everything is also Boooooorring. Yes, I allow that one. Normally because it’s amusing in the context he uses it. And also because it’s a lot better than other words he could be using.

Oh, and the best part of having a five year old? He tends to reply back to me “But Mooooooooommmmmmm!!!” and I reply back, “No buts.” And he says, “I wasn’t talking about my butt!!”

Oh yes. 5 year olds are awesome. And I’d much prefer to be frustrating than other things I could be. Or other ways he could describe me.

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