Finally a few pictures!

A few pictures for you finally! First up, evidence that we starve them:Apparently Jacen doesn’t get enough to eat so he has to use his sister’s foot.

Next we have our monthly “Can mommy still hold us all” picture… I think we’re getting close to outgrowing mommy’s arms!

We’ve upgraded feeding time. With taking two meals a day now, we decided it was about time to go ahead and pull out the high chairs instead of using the bumbos on the floor all the time. So far so good, but I can’t wait for them to feed themselves (see last post…).

And finally we have the baby girl practicing her Pilates moves. She can’t go anywhere yet, but she has gotten pretty good at creating a bridge and moving her feet back and forth for a moment before falling over.

One thought on “Finally a few pictures!

  1. Too cute! Where did u put the high chairs? I didn’t think you had an empty wall. Jains is definitely your athlete in training. She’ll be coaching Valerie and Jacen soon enough!

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