On the move… almost.

You always want your kids to learn new things. To grow. To change. To mature.

But then comes the day that you realize, “Man, maybe it’d be better if they stay little for just one more day.”

Whether it’s when they take their first step. Go to their first day of school. Walk by themselves to school. Join that afterschool sport. Leave the driveway in a vehicle withOUT a parent in the car with them. And so forth.

We’re hitting one of those first crucial points – the babies stop staying where you left them.

They’ve gone from sitting in perfect baby death match on a blanket in the middle of the room, to turning your back and one of them (normally Jaina), is somewhere else. We’re still not sure exactly how she gets there – she rolls, and well, but not far at a time, normally just one flip at a time. She doesn’t crawl that we know (When she does it in front of us, she gets on her hands and knees but hasn’t actually made progress forwar). Neverthless, she is no longer in baby death match.

It also means that they get frustrated. They see a toy on the other side of the room and know that they *should* be able to get to it, but they’re not too sure how. Or one baby starts eating another baby’s foot and they get mad because they know they *should* be able to get away, but their legs and arms don’t work quite right yet (cue the belly swimming).

Either way, we’re on that precipice. The one where we go from running to the bathroom quickly while the babies play nicely to having to worry that they won’t be where we left them when we get back.

Maybe one more day of having tiny babies wouldn’t be so bad…

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  1. it is awesome watching your babies grow up and reading your comments that you express so gracefully! (when do you find the time) love to all

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