Date Night

Date night means something completely different when you have 4 children under 4 years old (Yes, I can still say that for 13 more days).

We’ve started instituting a chore chart for Aiden. If he gets all of his stickers all week long, then he gets a Mommy/Aiden date night! It has been a pretty big success so far, and definitely seems to be improving his general attitude during the week (plus it gives us a really good threat if he starts to misbehave, rather than threatening bed or time out or something else we have to monitor, we just threaten to take it away!)

SO last week we went and saw Beauty and the Beast in 3D and had dinner. It was so much fun! And I got to tell him how that was Mommy’s favorite movie when she was a little girl. He looked very confused. Like he couldn’t comprehend how I was ever something other than his mommy.

This week? We hit up Johnny Rockets, the Mirror Maze, and some amazing FroYo downtown! I wasn’t sure if he’d have fun at the mirror maze, but he had a blast!

They also had a laser challenge where you have to climb over and under the laser lights to get to the end and press the button. He was good at it. Too good. Took a few tries, but he started figuring out the best path without mommy telling him which way to go, and I just stood at the door and watched. It’s amazing watching them learn and discover, and then surprise you by doing more than you expect!

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