Attack of the babies

Steven thought it would be funny to add all the babies to my lap and see what happens. Lets just say it doesn’t work nearly as well as it used to!

And the big brother has taken a fascination to writing/drawing. His latest exploit? Showing us what not to do. This was his gentle (or not-so-gentle) way of telling us to stop talking.

Other than that, I cannot believe another month is down. Today the babies sat at the table with us for breakfast and ate french toast sticks, gold fish, puffs, and some fruit, and it was just this surreal moment when they didn’t look so much like babies anymore. How did that happen??

Finally a few pictures!

A few pictures for you finally! First up, evidence that we starve them:Apparently Jacen doesn’t get enough to eat so he has to use his sister’s foot.

Next we have our monthly “Can mommy still hold us all” picture… I think we’re getting close to outgrowing mommy’s arms!

We’ve upgraded feeding time. With taking two meals a day now, we decided it was about time to go ahead and pull out the high chairs instead of using the bumbos on the floor all the time. So far so good, but I can’t wait for them to feed themselves (see last post…).

And finally we have the baby girl practicing her Pilates moves. She can’t go anywhere yet, but she has gotten pretty good at creating a bridge and moving her feet back and forth for a moment before falling over.


I tandem fed Jace and Val tonight 🙂 It wasn’t pretty, but we’ll get the hang of it!

Otherwise, they’re chugging along! Jace took 6 bottle/breast feeds in a row before taking a break! The girls are doing good on their every other feeds and will hopefully move to 2 bottle/ 1 tube feed soon! No idea on homecoming yet, but we’re getting closer!

One week!




Wow, I can’t believe its been a week!

Some stats:
Jacen 4lb 10 oz, 17.7 in
Jaina 3lb 12 oz, 16.9 in
Valerie 3lb 15 oz, 16.9 in

One week-
Jacen 4lb 7 oz, 18.0 in
Jaina 4lb 4 oz, 17.5 in
Valerie 4lb 1 oz, 17.5 in

All the babes are off IV as of today! We’re also starting to wean down the isolette, so they get to wear cute little shirts now! Such huge steps in the right direction.

They are up to 140ml/kg/day of milk (160 is “full” feeds). That means right now Jacen gets 37ml every 3 hours, Jaina 33, and Valerie 32. That’s 105ml every 3 hours. These guys are giving me a run for my money!

Aiden is getting really clingy to mommy, but he seems to be doing okay. He saw the babies yesterday and didn’t understand why he can’t hold them. I think he’ll honestly do better with them home than with this. It’ll be nice to be home again finally!

If I haven’t mentioned this before, if you ever want a worthy charity to donate to or raise money for (i.e. a marathon team, etc), the Fisher House is it. I don’t know how we would do this if we didn’t have it. It’s gorgeous, clean, well stocked, and all they ask is that we clean our room before checking out.