Day 2

All the babies are doing great! They’re making great strides in their eating and growing, and it’s fun to just sit and watch them for hours (boy will we look back and miss this once they’re mobile!)

Jacen: Jace is still on O2 for right now as he keeps dropping his oxygen levels. He also had some bradycardia episodes (low heart rate, accompanied by O2 drops), so they gave him his first doubleshot of Starbucks today. He’ll be on that for a little while until he doesn’t have episodes anymore and then will be weaned off to see how he does on his own. Caffeine will help stimulate his heartrate so that he doesn’t have to work so hard to keep that up. He also had a little bit of a high bilirubin, so he was under the bili lights for the last 24 hours, but that got discontinued today. Otherwise, he’s doing great, they doubled his feeds to 10ml every 3 hours now (still through a feeding tube, we might try bottle feeds next week if they’re doing well), and he’s taking to eating like a champ!

Jaina: Jaina is our star pupil. No O2 anymore, and she hasn’t had the bili lights yet (though we expect her to get them either tonight or tomorrow depending on how her bilirubin levels are in the morning). She also doubled her feeds to 8ml every 3 hours, and loves her pacifier and eating. She hates being tucked into her little cocoon, though, and finds a way to kick her legs out over the edges of her boundaries every time.

Valerie: Val is doing very well too. She’s still on bili lights (they were supposed to come off today, but I think they wanted to wait for tomorrow morning’s levels to make sure she’s doing okay), but no O2, and doing great with everything else. She also doubled her feeds to 10ml every 3 hours! We’re impressed with how well they are all taking to eating and can’t wait until they can start doing bottle feeds!

Mom and Dad are doing well too, enjoying watching the little ones and learning about them and their personalities. Jacen is a troublemaker – he’s had too many IV’s to count because he keeps pulling them out. Jaina is pretty relaxed, but she is very stubborn when she wants something, like her legs sticking out of the blanket. Val is our relaxed little girl. She loves to put her butt in the air and stretch out, but is pretty calm!

Big brother got to see his siblings today and seemed to enjoy watching them. He even took some of his own pictures! As soon as I get a camera cord I’ll try to get pics posted!

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  1. Niki, you did such a fantastic job with these little ones. Congratulations and they are precious.

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