33 days… but who’s counting



After 33 days, mommy finally got discharged and crossed the Tacoma bridge!

Now I know what prison inmates feel like after being let out on parole… it was nice to see the sun, my house, etc, but at the same time I felt “off” by not having my boundaries restricted.

The babies are doing great. Feeds are increasing yet again (Val-13 cc, Jaina- 14cc, Jacen- 16cc). I’m still far behind their demand, but we’re getting more each time, so hopefully I’ll catch up to them soon!

If I don’t update every day don’t stress, it most likely means the same as yesterday 🙂 I likely will get back too tired or too late at night to post every day, but we’ll do our best!

We did have a very special event this morning, I got to hold all 3 at once, and daddy got here for our first official picture. There are still too many cords for a full family photo, but hopefully in the days to come that will be easier!

3 thoughts on “33 days… but who’s counting

  1. Nicole,

    I am so glad you created this website! I love being able to see them. I am more than willing to work in with you! Your babies are beautiful! I am excited that they are doing so well. We are praying for your family!!

    Kelly Adam

  2. glad to finally be able see the babies!.they are beautiful as their mom! i am praying for you and your family. love you
    aunt Sharon

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