33 days… but who’s counting



After 33 days, mommy finally got discharged and crossed the Tacoma bridge!

Now I know what prison inmates feel like after being let out on parole… it was nice to see the sun, my house, etc, but at the same time I felt “off” by not having my boundaries restricted.

The babies are doing great. Feeds are increasing yet again (Val-13 cc, Jaina- 14cc, Jacen- 16cc). I’m still far behind their demand, but we’re getting more each time, so hopefully I’ll catch up to them soon!

If I don’t update every day don’t stress, it most likely means the same as yesterday 🙂 I likely will get back too tired or too late at night to post every day, but we’ll do our best!

We did have a very special event this morning, I got to hold all 3 at once, and daddy got here for our first official picture. There are still too many cords for a full family photo, but hopefully in the days to come that will be easier!

3 thoughts on “33 days… but who’s counting

  1. Nicole,

    I am so glad you created this website! I love being able to see them. I am more than willing to work in with you! Your babies are beautiful! I am excited that they are doing so well. We are praying for your family!!

    Kelly Adam

  2. So happy for all of you! Do you find it odd that you were 33 weeks when you had them and had been in the hospital for 33 days??? Crazy how God works huh, we will never understand some things lol

  3. glad to finally be able see the babies!.they are beautiful as their mom! i am praying for you and your family. love you
    aunt Sharon

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