One day old

Wow, I cannot believe how well the babies continue to do!

Baby Valerie was on CPAP (a forced air contraption) for the first 24 hours and came off of that this morning. In addition, she actually took the first tube feeding out of the group! She had a great gag reflex and we’re hoping to try bottles in the next few days!

Baby Jaina had been on oxygen for the first 24 hours (just a tiny bit to help out her oxygen saturation), and she’s now completely off of that and on room air again. She should be getting her first tube feed here shortly.

Baby Jacen has been doing great too! They had to add some oxygen today, but just a little. He should get a tube feed shortly as well!

We cannot believe how quickly they’re progressing. They had their heel pricks and Val needed a little bit of the bili lights, but she’s tolerating it great and should be out of the NICU and over to the Intermediate Care Unit very shortly, maybe even tonight!

I’m quite proud of my three little penguins and their progress… we know and expect that there can always be step backs before more forward progress, but I’ll take anything I can get right now!

Big brother Aiden met his siblings for the first time today when Grandma Dee came! He’s not sure what to think yet (we’ll get pics of him next time when he’s in a better mood, it was almost nap time), but he really enjoyed watching Val get her “butt” (diaper) changed and thought that her wet diaper was funny. We go potty on the toilet, duh, baby Val! 🙂 We’ll get pics of him with his siblings soon, as well as some pics up from delivery and of mommy and daddy with the kiddos. Those are all on the camera which I don’t have a cord for right now.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers! Keep them coming – we’d love to bring our babies home soon!

2 thoughts on “One day old

  1. YIPPEE! This is so neat, thanks for writing it, Nikki! It will be so much fun to keep track of the news this way! Look forward to seeing you all in person!

  2. PRAISE GOD they are doing so well, I am sure you are so amazed at His grace and mercy every day!!! I am so happy to know you & Stephen and the four littles are doing well! Continued prayers for your family are happening at the “Garner’s temporary PCS in transit” home lol WELCOME to life with four littles <3

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