Getting too big!

We played our first board game tonight (courtesy of an amazing family friend).

When did the littles (can’t even pretend and call them babies anymore) get so big?!


And in a side project I’m finally putting my Cricut cutter to good use and getting crafty. Beach drink holders all set and ready for the sun!


3 years ago…

It’s been just over three years since the fateful u/s, the 3 year old boy proudly counting his three new babies on the screen.

Three years from tearful phone calls and frantic attempts to get the news to a husband on patrol

Three years since I learned about these previous miracles who would grace our lives, having prayed for one, joked that two would be an amazing thing, and shocked that the doctor wasn’t playing when he said “triple the surprise.”

Such a crazy roller coaster ride we climbed on that day, and I hope we never have to get off.



Summary of nap time

So in an attempted nap today, the girls decided they didn’t like the pants they had on. So they dumped a drawer full of clothes, and found their Star Wars skirts. And proceeded to put them on. Mostly successful, though one was inside out.

And then they fell asleep on the floor. Who needs a perfectly good bed anyways?

Ahh life with multiples..


Travel in summary

So a few last thoughts.

Miles traveled: 3383

State license plates seen: All 50 (first trip with all of them legitimately!)

Days in hotels: 8 in Monterey, 4 hotels on road, 3 nights in families’ houses, 1 last night here in town.

Needless to say, the kids were very happy to see their bed stuffs!


New house: awesome.

It’s a very strange thing to have boxes coming off a truck labeled “babies” and “boys” rooms, and unload into “boys” and “girls” rooms.


We cannot wait to get settled in, and make it “ours” but it’s amazing to be in a house for at least a little while. Let’s hope for follow-on orders here so we can stay!

Day 8: finally home

We survived. It was a great morning with a bit of a late start due to a real breakfast, and then we headed east. We made it to a friend’s house for a (much too) short stop. They were Navy friends by happy accident and third party connections, but one of those families that you could see yourself being lifelong friends and neighbors with. It was wonderful, and had been too long since last meeting.

Then we hit the road. We knew the movers were hoping to arrive the next day, so we had to push through in one day instead of taking two.


The gps didn’t like some of the roads we were on and I’m pretty sure tried to stage a coup at one point.

We made great time though. Had two delays for bad traffic but not terrible by any means.

And finally, we were home. We got the keys for the house, did a walk through, and drove away excited to see it in the light of day the following day.


It was a late night, but we found an awesome suite to crash in and settled in for hopefully our last hotel stay for a while!

Miles traveled: 513 miles
States traveled: PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI

One of those little moments…

…when you think you might (maybe… possibly….) be doing a decent job as a parent.

Picture this (without a picture, because it was also one of the few moments I had no cameras within arms reach, and I wasn’t about to ruin it by going to get one).

We’re outside in the back yard. Having some fun, daddy and I are throwing a football, letting the kids try to catch it. Jaina is catching and throwing as well as any 21 month old I know (and better than two others I know at a minimum, namely, her siblings). Jacen is stealing the ball and running around playing keep away. Val is standing happily on the sidelines clapping when we catch (Are you seeing a personality difference between them yet?!).

Then they get on their ride on toys and ride them through the grass. They get stuck. Aiden goes over, gets Jaina’s, and carries it to the cement. The other two get off, yell (with that grunting “HEY I WANT SOMETHING” way that most 21 month olds do), and he obliges them. Goes over, and one by one helps the other two get their cars to the patio.

Without being asked.

Such a sweet moment.

And then I’m sure someone stole someone elses’ toy, or knocked someone to the ground, or hit someone over the head. I don’t really know. But I’ll pretend that was the end of the story. 🙂

9 months old (plus some change)

Wow, hard to believe it’s been 9 months. 9 months since they were born. Since the NICU. Since they were taking less than a CC of food at a time, and since feeding tubes. Since they would fit inside my shirt, since they wore preemie clothes (or none at all), since the isolettes.

Now? We sit up on our own (Jacen and Val). We crawl (Jaina). We sit on our ands and knees and rock or try to dive for toys. We crawl out the front door (Jaina). We clap to “If you’re happy and you know it” (Valerie), we laugh and cry and throw tantrums (all of the above). We sit in our high chairs and eat some solid food. We play with toys. We try to mimic our brother (for better and worse).

I’ll get some new pictures up soon, but for now? I’ve gotta chase a little girl down the hallway before she goes into her brothers room and terrorizes something.