One of those little moments…

…when you think you might (maybe… possibly….) be doing a decent job as a parent.

Picture this (without a picture, because it was also one of the few moments I had no cameras within arms reach, and I wasn’t about to ruin it by going to get one).

We’re outside in the back yard. Having some fun, daddy and I are throwing a football, letting the kids try to catch it. Jaina is catching and throwing as well as any 21 month old I know (and better than two others I know at a minimum, namely, her siblings). Jacen is stealing the ball and running around playing keep away. Val is standing happily on the sidelines clapping when we catch (Are you seeing a personality difference between them yet?!).

Then they get on their ride on toys and ride them through the grass. They get stuck. Aiden goes over, gets Jaina’s, and carries it to the cement. The other two get off, yell (with that grunting “HEY I WANT SOMETHING” way that most 21 month olds do), and he obliges them. Goes over, and one by one helps the other two get their cars to the patio.

Without being asked.

Such a sweet moment.

And then I’m sure someone stole someone elses’ toy, or knocked someone to the ground, or hit someone over the head. I don’t really know. But I’ll pretend that was the end of the story. 🙂

One thought on “One of those little moments…

  1. That is a sweet moment. It would be nice to capture their entire childhoods on film. I think it is equally special though to capture their childhoods in words which you do very well.

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