Summary of nap time

So in an attempted nap today, the girls decided they didn’t like the pants they had on. So they dumped a drawer full of clothes, and found their Star Wars skirts. And proceeded to put them on. Mostly successful, though one was inside out.

And then they fell asleep on the floor. Who needs a perfectly good bed anyways?

Ahh life with multiples..


2 thoughts on “Summary of nap time

  1. So how are they doing without Jacen?

    One of the nurses had a baby this week and named him Aiden. Ryan was giving her a hard time about it and she said he’ll surpass his name or something like that. I told him to tell her we have pretty high Aiden standards 🙂


    1. They seem to be doing just fine! He, on the other hand, seems a bit lonely especially since Aiden stays up just a bit later than them! But it’s nice having it be girls and boys for a while! We miss you!! Hope the holiday season is treating you well so far!

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