Wow, 1 year old.

Sorry it’s been over a week! It’s been crazy hectic busy to say the least!

The babies are now over one year old. My little tiny 4 pound (plus or minus a few ounce) babies are a year old. How crazy is that??

We had their 1 year appointment today and stats are as follows:

Jacen: 20lb14oz
Jaina: 18lb2oz
Valerie: 18lb13oz

We’ll redo the lengths when they aren’t as cranky, but they are about 29 inches each. The girls are about 50% for height, 30% for weight, and Jace is around 50% for both.


(Photo courtesy of Aiden)

Crazy when you think that at birth they weren’t even on the chart!!

Other than that, we’re enjoying the summer break here. We survived our camping trip to Yosemite, enjoyed laughing at babies eating cupcakes, and are just settling into a new routine with “big” kids now.

Have I mentioned how much cheaper whole milk is than formula? And how much easier it is to deal with?? Other than practically needing a new fridge simply to store the gallon of milk per day we go through!



Caption: We’re not doing anything!

Attack of the babies

So far tonight: We’ve been mobbed at the dishwasher by three curious babies, they’ve stolen the one pacifier and chased each other down for it, and Val has finally learned how to get out of the sitting position (too bad, I enjoyed putting her somewhere and knowing she was stuck!).

And a few pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Jacen’s a big boy!

Jacen has been trying to figure out how to sit up by himself for a few days, but would always get a foot stuck or fall over. All of a sudden today I turn around because he’s laughing at himself and he’s sitting up!

Attack of the babies

Steven thought it would be funny to add all the babies to my lap and see what happens. Lets just say it doesn’t work nearly as well as it used to!

And the big brother has taken a fascination to writing/drawing. His latest exploit? Showing us what not to do. This was his gentle (or not-so-gentle) way of telling us to stop talking.

Other than that, I cannot believe another month is down. Today the babies sat at the table with us for breakfast and ate french toast sticks, gold fish, puffs, and some fruit, and it was just this surreal moment when they didn’t look so much like babies anymore. How did that happen??

9m stats

Jacen: 18lb15oz, 28″, 47cm head
Jaina: 16lb11oz, 26.5″, 43.9cm head
Valerie: 17lb7oz, 28.25″, 44.5cm head

Wow, my babies are growing! They’re ahead of schedule for their adjusted age, and do most of the things on the 9m checklist, so we’re pretty proud of those little guys!

Updates lately: Jacen’s working on getting his teeth on the top to come in. He has discovered how to scoot backwards around the room (slowly). Jaina pulls up to standing with ease now and has started trying to transfer from one piece of furniture to another (Lord, help us!). Valerie still is toothless, but she has a couple that are working their way in. She’s figured out how to army crawl, but only when it’s to steal a bottle or toy from a sibling. Here’s a couple pictures to tide you over :
Costco trip:

Aiden being incognito at the zoo:

On the move… almost.

You always want your kids to learn new things. To grow. To change. To mature.

But then comes the day that you realize, “Man, maybe it’d be better if they stay little for just one more day.”

Whether it’s when they take their first step. Go to their first day of school. Walk by themselves to school. Join that afterschool sport. Leave the driveway in a vehicle withOUT a parent in the car with them. And so forth.

We’re hitting one of those first crucial points – the babies stop staying where you left them.

They’ve gone from sitting in perfect baby death match on a blanket in the middle of the room, to turning your back and one of them (normally Jaina), is somewhere else. We’re still not sure exactly how she gets there – she rolls, and well, but not far at a time, normally just one flip at a time. She doesn’t crawl that we know (When she does it in front of us, she gets on her hands and knees but hasn’t actually made progress forwar). Neverthless, she is no longer in baby death match.

It also means that they get frustrated. They see a toy on the other side of the room and know that they *should* be able to get to it, but they’re not too sure how. Or one baby starts eating another baby’s foot and they get mad because they know they *should* be able to get away, but their legs and arms don’t work quite right yet (cue the belly swimming).

Either way, we’re on that precipice. The one where we go from running to the bathroom quickly while the babies play nicely to having to worry that they won’t be where we left them when we get back.

Maybe one more day of having tiny babies wouldn’t be so bad…


So you know in Disney’s Pixar film “Up!” how the dog would be having a conversation and then get distracted by the squirrel?

Yeah. That’s Jaina. Only replace “squirrel” for Daddy, bottle, TV, Aiden, Mommy, bottle, TV, toy, etc, and that is now how feeding times go.

Our baby has BADD. Baby ADD. Or at least that’s our self-diagnosis of her lack of attention span while eating. Maybe THAT explains why she’s the tiniest of the three!

4 months!

And their stats are:

Jacen: 12lb 5oz, 23.75″, and 42.5cm head circumference
Jaina: 10lb 8oz, 22″, 38.9cm
Valerie: 10lb 15oz, 23″, 39.4cm

Ever tried to get one 4 month old to stay still and smile on cue? You should try getting 3 to do it at the SAME time! Yeah. Flailing limbs abound! At least they were rocking some awesome onesies thanks to Aunt Aimee!

The babies had their first adventure to a corn maze and pumpkin patch, along with an all-artichoke meal at the Giant Artichoke in Castroville. Did you know something like 90% of US grown artichokes come from here?

As you can see, the babies weren’t too impressed!