Wow, 1 year old.

Sorry it’s been over a week! It’s been crazy hectic busy to say the least!

The babies are now over one year old. My little tiny 4 pound (plus or minus a few ounce) babies are a year old. How crazy is that??

We had their 1 year appointment today and stats are as follows:

Jacen: 20lb14oz
Jaina: 18lb2oz
Valerie: 18lb13oz

We’ll redo the lengths when they aren’t as cranky, but they are about 29 inches each. The girls are about 50% for height, 30% for weight, and Jace is around 50% for both.


(Photo courtesy of Aiden)

Crazy when you think that at birth they weren’t even on the chart!!

Other than that, we’re enjoying the summer break here. We survived our camping trip to Yosemite, enjoyed laughing at babies eating cupcakes, and are just settling into a new routine with “big” kids now.

Have I mentioned how much cheaper whole milk is than formula? And how much easier it is to deal with?? Other than practically needing a new fridge simply to store the gallon of milk per day we go through!



Caption: We’re not doing anything!

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