9m stats

Jacen: 18lb15oz, 28″, 47cm head
Jaina: 16lb11oz, 26.5″, 43.9cm head
Valerie: 17lb7oz, 28.25″, 44.5cm head

Wow, my babies are growing! They’re ahead of schedule for their adjusted age, and do most of the things on the 9m checklist, so we’re pretty proud of those little guys!

Updates lately: Jacen’s working on getting his teeth on the top to come in. He has discovered how to scoot backwards around the room (slowly). Jaina pulls up to standing with ease now and has started trying to transfer from one piece of furniture to another (Lord, help us!). Valerie still is toothless, but she has a couple that are working their way in. She’s figured out how to army crawl, but only when it’s to steal a bottle or toy from a sibling. Here’s a couple pictures to tide you over :
Costco trip:

Aiden being incognito at the zoo:

One thought on “9m stats

  1. they are too cute!! i want to hug and kiss them all! I love Aiden’s spy look! (you don’t see me if i put these glasses on) what fun, i wish we lived closer that would just add to my set of 7 grands! haha 🙂

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