4 months!

And their stats are:

Jacen: 12lb 5oz, 23.75″, and 42.5cm head circumference
Jaina: 10lb 8oz, 22″, 38.9cm
Valerie: 10lb 15oz, 23″, 39.4cm

Ever tried to get one 4 month old to stay still and smile on cue? You should try getting 3 to do it at the SAME time! Yeah. Flailing limbs abound! At least they were rocking some awesome onesies thanks to Aunt Aimee!

The babies had their first adventure to a corn maze and pumpkin patch, along with an all-artichoke meal at the Giant Artichoke in Castroville. Did you know something like 90% of US grown artichokes come from here?

As you can see, the babies weren’t too impressed!


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