Welcome to California!


6 years of marriage, 6 states, and 4 children later, and we’re now residing in the state of California!

The trip down was fairly uneventful. The babies took bottles, I pumped, and Aiden watched Tron (9 times…). Steven and I took turns driving, and it went pretty well. The state of California’s highway signs leave something to be desired, however. In looking for breakfast we often saw the sign AFTER the exit, and even once we found a sign in time, it led in the wrong direction.

We made it to housing and while its not the new housing we hoped for, we got a nice 4 bdrm house on La Mesa (same base as Steven’s work), walking distance from the CDC, and its even 1 story so I won’t have to worry about the triplets falling down stairs. It’ll be a tight fit, but nice to just get settled in this weekend instead of waiting possibly more than a month.

Now we just get to chill out and enjoy the warm salt air before the movers deliver our goods Friday. I can’t wait to get a run in, bask in some sunshine, and play in downtown Monterey!




One thought on “Welcome to California!

  1. Awesome! I’m so glad u got in safely and only two babies look pissed off but otherwise fine! Good luck getting moved in. I love you all!

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