Due date party

Well, today is the triplet’s official due date! They’re full-term babies today!

We weighed them on the Wii, so while it’s not very accurate, they are:
Jacen: 7.4 pounds
Jaina: 6.4 pounds
Val: 6 pounds

Can’t believe how big they’re getting!!

They have settled into their new home very well, as has big brother. Some amusing thoughts from unpacking:

~When unpacking we were telling Aiden we couldn’t watch movies yet because the DVD player wasn’t plugged in, so he started looking for a “plugger.”

~As much as the weather here isn’t the best “Cali” weather, it’s wonderful! It’s just a pleasant 70 degrees with afternoon sunbreaks, and we’re quite happy.

~Our house is a bit smaller than I’d like, but it’s great to purge the extra “stuff” we’ve accumulated over the years.

~I don’t know how we would survive without the baby swings! The kids love them, but ONLY if the music is playing. They get very cranky when the music stops.

~We’ve decided that having twins would be easy.

More pics to come soon, but everything’s going great and the kids are growing wonderfully!!

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  1. You found us 🙂 Ryan says he’ll respond as soon as he has a moment. He’s feeling schizophrenic this week- every other day he’s in the ER for clinicals then at the NICU. He’s actually got 2 days off next week! ~erica

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