And we’re homeless…

But its a good thing! We packed out today, and turned in our keys. The babies are now officially Navy brats – onto their second home before turning 2 months old (third if you count the NICU!).

They were great during the craziness – even slept through the boxes being moved out of their room. Aiden did okay – he’s not sure about his toys being in boxes.

The good thing about NICU babies (as much as its not recommended and highly worth avoiding…)? They’re on a perfect schedule and sleep through EVERYTHING, including their brother holding them, movers slamming doors, and loud music!




2 thoughts on “And we’re homeless…

  1. OK, Between the homeless title and the babies in a box, it’s official, you have a strange sense of humor! 🙂 Too cute!
    Love you all!

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