This is a story…

Of a boy name Jacen.

He is such a very happy little boy.

He also likes to climb. Now, I’ve never had a climber before. Aiden was cautious (overly so). He didn’t jump until he was like 3 because he didn’t want to fall. And climbing? Out of the question. This boy, however, has guts. Now, he has no desire to walk. But climbing? Oh yeah, that’s totally his thing.

And it’s not just the couch. High chair on to dining table? Yes please. Try to climb out of my carseat and out the back of the car? Absolutely. And the wagon is not very hard either. No matter how tightly mommy straps him in, he can manage to get up onto his feet and some how slide out. And you know that remote you put on top of the couch so we couldn’t play with it? Yeah, you’re funny.



Oh, and you know those pesky things called door knobs? Those aren’t so hard either. And they lead to fun places like my brother’s bedroom. Oh, and his bed? That’s a piece of cake.

Guess I don’t have to worry about him getting in and out of a big boy bed when the time comes…

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