Things you’d think I would know by now

After 2 years of having multiples + an older brother, there are some things you’d think I’d know by now. Apparently not.

1) Always check the coffee cup before you refill it. Otherwise you’ll have beautiful glorious coffee with cereal floating in it. Then you have to make the choice of which is more important : the time it would take to brew more, or the possibility of your cereal tasting like peanut butter Puffins.

2) When you find a giant ball of yarn with a 1/10th finished blanket still on the needles, tying it off and giving the 1 foot wide blanket strip to your middle triplet is not smart. She will love it. And the other two will wonder where theirs is. Leading to you now knitting a second blanket (and more than likely a third so they all look the same).

3) It’s not worth the fight with boy triplet over whether or not boys wear bows in their hair. Inside the house, whatever it takes to keep the screaming to a minimum works. We’ll deal with the rest when we try to leave.

…. to be continued….

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