Halfway there…

Hard to believe that when we started planning this crazy Marine Corps Marathon/PCS/cross country driving insanity, it was over 3 months ago. And now we have just over 3 months to go before the MCM.

Can you believe it?!

We’ve officially crossed the halfway point of the training plan, with this weekend calling for 14 miles. A bit of a milestone, since the last time I ran that far was marathon training in 2010. Do the math. That was BEFORE the triplets. 3 years ago.

Can you believe it?!

Training is going pretty well. We are enjoying the Galloway plan – low stress, low key, and allows for a life during the week (as well as kickboxing, my new obsession). We also get to do some of those 30 minute runs together. You don’t realize how easy 30 minutes of running is until you try to do the same route with 75 pounds of child and stroller (90 if you’re pushing the boys).


Sometimes it’s nice to get out there with just some music, the miles, and the ocean going by. You know, in the beautiful sunny warm Monterey weather (not… see the giant cloud blocking the ocean below?!)


Others? It’s nice to have company.  Every now and then we’re blessed with a house guest who, as a perk of staying here (or punishment.. not sure which!) they get to watch the little terrorists wonderful angels and we can run together on a long run.


Not all runs are great (like today), and honestly some of them suck (like today) but we’re getting there. And it’s definitely better than it was 3 years ago. And we’re raising money for Fisher House, which makes it all worth it.

Speaking of, if you haven’t yet had a chance and are so inclined, don’t forget to donate to our team! Every dollar helps another military family (just like yours truly) have somewhere to stay during a military hospital stay for their family member(s).

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