It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas is magical. It is pure. It is holy. It is absolutely divine.


We had four little helpers this year. Sure, it’s not a Pinterest-worthy tree, and there are only maybe 1/4 of the ornaments that we normally would put on it hanging from the branches… but they did it. The elves may have spaced some ornaments out later that night (“Look mommy! I put three in a row!” And by in a row, he meant on the same branch), but they did it.



And Christmas pajamas. Is there anything cuter than Christmas pajamas??



Yes there is. Christmas dresses. (Aiden bargained that he’d be nice at the Santa breakfast if he didn’t have to wear his dress shirt. Pick your battles).


So yeah. And we even have snow here in the beautiful northeast. Snow, lights, presents under the tree… stockings are hung… it is a bit commercialized, but they’re also old enough to talk about Jesus’s birthday, and Mary and the angels, and it really couldn’t get much better than this.




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