San Francisco In Brief

So as you can obviously tell, I haven’t been around the computer to post on a regular basis… I wonder what four reasons that would be??

So in lieu of a long story… here’s San Fran in pictures:

Our first day there (following a 10k run that morning) we decided to walk the highest hill in the city. Because it sounded like… fun? The babies were worn out from all that work!










Then it was off to the pier for some lunch and sight seeing.

The hotel we stayed at serves an awesome breakfast in the morning! And they even had three high chairs!

The next day was apparently the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge!

Then on Monday we toured Alcatraz!

And once last trip to the pier before leaving

It was a great three days. I’m glad we added the extra day just to give more time to walking and looking around. It’s not as easy to just grab a trolley when you have two double strollers and four kids!!

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