As the first year draws to a close…

In case you are thinking about someone with multiples who might need gear, I wanted to share what we could NOT have lived without this last year (other than the obvious… like diapers and wipes)…

First: Our Space Saver swings. Tiny. Portable. And kept the babies happy.

Next: Boppy pillows. Not just for nursing. But also great for propping, photo shoots, and keeping babies happy!

Blankets. Lots of blankets. But make sure they’re big enough for more than one baby 🙂

Bumbo chairs. Great for first meals, for teaching them to sit, and for keeping them from getting stepped on by their big brother.

A stroller that holds all of the infants in the family. It makes your life a lot easier!

Sometimes those come in multiple forms, though, based on the situation!

High chairs. But in our case, specifically, the Ikea high chairs. They wipe down with a lysol wipe. They stack consolidated in the corner. And the legs come off for easy travel. Brilliant!

And lastly, the choo-choo wagon (once they can sit up). If there was anything that could make triplets just THAT much cuter, it would be this.

One thought on “As the first year draws to a close…

  1. The Choo-choo wagon is adorable! We enjoyed many of the same things. I will add one to the list that we use now…We got a U-shaped preschool table from Lakeshore Learning and attach Inglesina chairs to the table (they literally screw right onto the table and are very portable) now that they are 19 months. I can sit in the middle of the U to read stories or help them with meals. Later on, we will use preschool chairs and the table rises up to grow with them. There are chairs with legs that raise up to help them reach the table. We bought this table after the bumbo seats instead of high chairs because it is easier to clean and will last a very long time.

    : 0 ) Theresa

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