One year ago

We were on the road. With three newborn babies. Driving over a thousand miles from WA to CA to begin the next part of our military journey.
I cannot believe we’ve been here over a year. I cannot believe that the babies have been with us for over a year. I cannot believe they were every this small.

imageI tried putting them in a friends’ infant carseat the other day and yeah… let’s just say that it didn’t exactly fit!

The drive itself was manageable. Best part of having 6 week olds? All they do is sleep. And eat. And then sleep some more. So it was 2-3 hours of driving, stop to feed babies, drive some more. I remember stopping at a rest stop around 2 am thinking that if we could just get all the way to Monterey we would sleep for a week at that rate. But it sure beat dragging out two suitcases, portable baby beds, and all the other stuff that comes with having children at a hotel!

And then there is always the fun of staying in a hotel! At least back then they stayed on the bed where you put them!

Packing out in a new house with four children is a lot of fun. Boxes are the best (and cheapest) toy that you will ever find.

As much as people look incredulously when we say that we moved with 6 week old triplet infants who had been out of the NICU for less than two weeks and were still nursing every 3 hours on the dot and a 4 year old… okay, now that I put it that way, it does sound a *tad* insane… I just laugh at them. Because, really, what other move will I ever have where I can put three of my children in carseats buckled in and keep them out of the way, and have a child who enjoys unpacking boxes and putting things away for me, and is still too shy to run out the door while it’s open?? Wish me luck next time. I think with a 6 yr old and three 2 year olds I’ll laugh and look back thinking triplet infants was easy!

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