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Sorry for not posting much recently!! On a daily basis I run out of time and then get overwhelmed by the twenty bajillion things I want to post about, and with no clue where to start I just don’t.

I did however manage to update the site with a page for each kid with their yearly photos (birth, and then each birthday).





Life is fun around here. The babies are getting to be so hillarious. Jaina almost has hair (finally!). Val is still bald. Jacen is my loveable little teddy bear who needs a haircut but I cannot bring myself to get it done.

Recently the babies turned 13 months. How did that happen!?! Here’s the montly photo of me attempting to hold all three. Not sure how much longer we’ll make it!

The babies pull up like champs now, and *can* walk with assistance (but normally don’t want to). Val will let go of the couch/chair/etc and stand by herself, for prolonged periods, but has no interested in walking.

Jaina, on the other hand, loves the concept of walking. She walks with only one hand holding on now, and managed to take her first step yesterday. She’ll only do it towards the couch, and only when she wants to, but it’s hillarious. We finally managed to get it on video today!

Jaina’s first steps

Currently their favorite food is, well, everything. They especially like blueberries though. They’ll eat a flat of them at a meal if I let them.

We’ve been watching the Olympics non stop and I swear that Jaina is trying to do backflips already! She’s hillarious.We’ve banned her from watching diving and gymnastics because she thinks that we should include couch diving as an Olympic sport and I’m tired of her practicing her 3 1/2 reverse.

She also likes to play with mommy’s hat.

Courtesy of Georgetown Cupcake. Yes, the one in D.C. Did you know they ship across the country? Yes. Yes they do. The sticks are just from shipping, don’t pay any attention to those.

We are 100% off of bottles, they drink everything from sippy cups now. We wash a total of three sippies a day (just refill it as needed) and it is miraculous. I almost couldn’t remember what it was like to have the top of the dishwasher mostly empty at night!

Sippy cup babies, oh so cute!


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  1. I love that you made a page for each of your kids with updated photos. Very cute. Congratulations on transitioning to sippy cups. They are so much easier. The personalized cozy chairs are adorable.

    : 0 ) Theresa

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