Happy Easter (almost)

You know how you walk into Target attempting to just. buy. ONE. thing? Yeah. Happens to me at least three times a week.

Do you know how many times I walk out of Target with that one thing and ONLY that one thing? As often as I get to sleep in or pee in peace. Aka: Never.

Hence the Easter Basket shopping fun. You see, the Easter Bunny had a few small things in mind, the perfect sized baskets to fill, and was all prepared for just a couple things.

Somehow I ended up putting things back and STILL didn’t have room for it all.


IMG_0128 IMG_0127 IMG_0126 IMG_0125

Let me back track a bit to what the table was used for earlier today, however. Egg dyeing.

Wait, you think… I didn’t realize that Nikki was crazy enough to attempt egg dyeing with four kids 5 and under? Oh yes. I am. I’m not crazy enough to let them keep their clothes on yet, however I have learned some fun tricks.


The first: Use a larger bowl under the small bowl of dye. The small bowl WILL get tipped. Or knocked. Or an egg dropped in and splashed everywhere. And the bowl helps at least a *little* bit.


The second: Use a whisk. Now, everyone I know had issues with this method because of the obvious: How do you get the dyed egg out of the whisk after dyeing it without getting it all over your hands?? The obvious solution: Use an old crappy whisk like I have where you can bend the metal easily. You pry it open, scoop the egg from the dye, and voila! Magic clean hands and clean babies.




You might argue that it’s just not as much fun if they don’t get messy. I argue you’re not the one who’d have to bathe them tonight.

Hope you had a great Easter weekend and can’t wait for the crazy festivities tomorrow!

Don’t forget the REAL message behind Easter (and not the slogan from Weight Watchers due to the insane amounts of sugar and chocolate consumed). There’s more to Easter than just eggs and bunnies 🙂

Love, The Hunts

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