7 months

Wow, they are 7 months old (and one day, but come on, I’m a mom of 4 kids, I’m allowed 24 hour leeway!)

This was as good as I could get of all three. Yes, it is 50 degrees and raining, but we’re not going anywhere, and the outfits were too cute to not be worn! They are 31 weeks old on Monday, so they’ve almost been out as long as they were in. I can barely hold them all anymore (we’ll have to get that picture later today!) and they’re getting more interactive every day. Now if only the girls would grow some hair…


5 thoughts on “7 months

  1. they are all so cute! i don’t know how you do it girl, and yet i am jealous of you. i miss the days of my kids being little! each day with 4 kids must be a new adventure! thanks for sharing your life and your love with us. sharon

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