Real life

I want to live in the Facebook-Pinterest-Blogging world. Forever.

Because, you know those days where you wake up, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the children are well behaved, you go to a play date and look like super mom with it all under control, and come home happy and well rested from a few moments of adult conversation? Yeah, neither do I.

Seriously. Only online does the world look that way. Smiling faces, tidy playrooms, neat home-made decorations for Parenting choices are always made with the best of intentions and they are made with the best of results.

In the real world? Totally not so.

We post the pictures like this:


Instead of the ones where a child is hitting the other over the head with the puzzle because THEY HAD IT FIRST.

Or the ones like this:


Instead of the one where big brother attempts to splash little sister with the hose, little sister attempts to dump cup of water over other sister’s head, and the younger brother tries to drown himself in the water blowing bubbles (not so successfully).

Because, let’s face it – we want to pretend we’re the perfect parent. We have our lives in order, our children walk calmly in a line following us like baby ducklings. And life is perfect.

No wonder we all feel like giant failures on a daily basis!

So from now on, just know that I, like many other parents, are right there with you. Sure, I’m a mom of triplets, but don’t let that fool you – I don’t have my act together any better than the rest of you. I just know when to fight it and when to let life happen. Because wearing the same pair of pajamas for the second day in a row (without clean daytime clothes in between) won’t kill anyone. And that peanut butter cracker dropped on the ground? Yeah, it’s still probably cleaner than the mulch they tried to eat 5 minutes ago. Oh, and that fun happy lunch play date? Yeah – I might try that again in two months. Right around the time I forget how much I wanted to drink and hide in the bathroom upon coming home.


Thank God only one of them knows enough to figure that out yet. And the other three will just think they haven’t figured out the door knob 100%, not that mommy locked them out.

Because, you know what? Us multiples moms don’t have it put together more than the rest of you. Nor are we just that much better parents that we can do it where you can’t. We just learn to let the little things slide more, take photos of only the good stuff, and drink the rest away. Cheers!

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