Only took a month

to finally post the first day of school pics!

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And because I got his school pics back already, I’ll add that in as well!


The triplets don’t take theirs until the end of the month, so I’ll get those up when I finally get them.


With the birthday excitement last week we didn’t get to mention the big news in Karate! Aiden took his first belt test and is now a yellow stripe in karate!

And, now that they’re 4, the triplets get to start too!

They are very excited to do karate with their big brother!

Cub Scouts


Cub scout pinewood derby is coming up. It’s a race that gets the parents as excited (if not more) than the kids, and leads to the cleaning off of cobwebs from power tools.


So the 7 year old wanted a submarine. A yellow submarine. With a red bottom, black windows, and black on top of the sail. Okay, mom said. No biggie. So we started sanding. And sanding. And more sanding. To no avail. In stepped some den leaders not afraid to break out the saws and power tools, and two days later I had a block of wood finally resembling a submarine.


Of course, the max weight is 5oz. Any more and you don’t race. Too much less and you’re disadvantaged. We’ll, when you cut off half the block of wood you have to make it up somewhere. After drilling holes in the sail and in each of the window locations and filling with weight, it was still only 4oz. So I gave up. Glue and quarters it is!


I’m sure my husband will pick on me for the windows and improper sail placement (not to mention lack of a propeller and the fact it’s going to race backwards…), but I don’t care. First year of Cub Scout derby, we’re coming for you! Brought to you by two awesome den leaders who cut and shaped it for me, a 7 year old with a vision, and a mom who isn’t afraid of power tools.

All I want for Christmas is my…

One front tooth!


He even got a special tooth fairy pillow to put his teeth in!


After a very long week with a very wiggly tooth we got it out way past bedtime last Friday 5 Dec.

I forgot to get a picture the next morning but he got a whole dollar! He was quite excited since most of the books we read only have the tooth fairy give a quarter.

Happy Thanksgiving




Happy Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful holiday at home and I think after 9 years of marriage and many recipes, finally found a turkey recipe that is to die for!




It isn’t Thanksgiving until Princess Anna shows up to join you 😉




The pumpkin pie tarts were so good you had to lick the filling out, apparently.


After dinner, what should you do? Watch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” of course!


Too much excitement for some people, though…


In lieu of traditional Black Friday shopping, we did a Black Friday Fishing Derby instead! Even the triplets got in on the fishing fun. While we didn’t catch anything, we certainly had a good time!







Halloween Fun

So I’ll skip ahead to the fun stuff…  The pictures! We had a blast trick or treating even with a little rain. Such a difference from last year when they wouldn’t really go up by themselves.




Aiden also got to go to the pumpkin patch with his class, and had a lot of fun!



The triplets got to have a fun Fall party in class.




I do miss jeans and boots and hot cider in the chilly fall air, but paradise is quite fun too! It’s hard to believe it’s November when it’s 80 degrees out but we’re enjoying wearing costumes without snow jackets and going on field trips without risk of frost bite!

It’s been a while

I can’t believe it’s been so long. Life is, well, life. School, homework, gymnastics (for the littles) and boy scouts (for Aiden). We stay pretty busy Mon-Fri and try to sneak in family fun on the weekends!

So far we are loving school. All four are at the same school and I could not be more pleased with their teachers or the community.





Boy Scouts is fun (and exhausting) but we’re enjoying the fun meetings so far and looking forward to campouts and more soon!



The littles are enjoying gymnastics each week (even though it’s hot in the gym!!)




That’s about it here. Hard to believe it’s October already! Can’t wait for another holiday season with them.

When you live on an island…

… You have to learn to swim.
Whether you like it or not.

After our first session of swim class we finally have 4 kids who are excited for it (at least at the start of class!). All still “level 1” but they completed more than half of the skills.

Val has surpassed the others and even tries to use her arms to swim.

Aiden will finally bob voluntarily (read: without the instructor dunking him) and tries to swim, which is a HUGE improvement over last year. I’m hoping maybe one more session and he’ll move to level 2.

Jacen and Jaina are really enjoying floating and being pulled through the water (as long as their head doesn’t have to get wet). Overall I’m really impressed and excited for session two!