It’s not all puppies and sunshine

So I often hear the words “Supermom” or something similar from people who think that I’ve got it all figured out. It’s far from it. We take each day as it comes, and while there are ups, there are also downs. An idea of the day in the life of a mom with triplets and a 4 year old:

6am: Babies want to eat. Apparently they think we are starving them by letting them sleep for 5-6 hours straight at night. How horrible of us!
7am: They finally are done and back asleep. Right as my head hits the pillow, the 3.5 year old comes running out of his room, “MOOOOMMEEEE!! PEEEEE PEEEEEE!!!!” Yes. It is apparently something that we have to run out of our room crying about, we can’t just go to the potty calmly by ourselves. I *must* get up and help him. Thus, his day starts, as does mine. Then for the battle over cookies, chocolate milk, chocolate, and anything else. Thank God for Mickey Mouse House – it saves the morning!
8-9am: Babies want to eat again.
9am: Walk the big boy to preschool. Talk about the rocks and trees and grass on the way, while babies inevitably spit up and cry. They’re not big fans of the sunshine, as was their brother before them.
10am: Finally home and settled in, get a few things done around the house.
11am: Babies want to eat again.
12pm: Pick Aiden up from preschool.
12-1pm: Try to feed the big boy while maintaining non-screaming babies, and keeping the house look somewhat in order.
1pm: fight over whether it’s called nap time or quiet time.
2 pm: Feed babies, finaly get them down for another nap. Attempt to get some work done in the house.
…. And so on and so forth.

In the event that we venture out into public, we’re stopped by Every. Single. Person. in the store. Yes, I know they are babies. Yes, I know they are adorable. Yes, I know that I am insane for attempting a shopping trip to Costco during the day by myself with the kids. But when you see a mom, pushing a cart with 2 babies in it, pulling a cart with a baby in it, and a 3.5 year old hanging off the side, Please. For heavens’ sake. DO. NOT. STOP. THEM. Yes, I know you want to see the circus act that is us, but seriously. If the babies aren’t crying, then please let me accomplish my errands without having to soothe babies at the same time. If they ARE crying (which likely at least one is), take pity on me and leave me alone. Do not be the lady at Costco yesterday who followed me through the ENTIRE store asking a myriad of questions which all had no purpose while I’m trying to corral everyone. Seriously. Groceries must be purchased, and trust me – a venture out for milk is MUCH easier than the melt down that would ensue should I not have said milk available post-nap!

No, I do not have it all together. Someone probably has spit-up on their face. Someone probably needs a clean diaper. And the 4 year old is probably eating candy he found on the ground. All the more reason to NOT stop me. I appreciate the comments, the praise, and I definately appreciate your well-meaning thoughts. But please. You may think I’m exaggerating. I literally had a lady stand IN FRONT of the shopping cart yesterday in an attempt to talk to me. Yes. Seriously.

And for those of you who are dragging out one screaming child and feel overwhelmed, I hope that I give you a glimmer of hope that you can accomplish your trip. And if your child has a melt down, well let me remind you it’s easier to finish with a crying child than to leave the cart there and have to start all over again on another day. You may get stares from people, but at least they aren’t following you through the store asking questions.

And please think before you speak. If you’re going to ask about the babies, then ask. But think about how you phase your questions. “What are they?” gets old VERY fast 😉 If you see a woman with 3 matching carseats and another toddler, the question “Are they all yours?” is a bit silly to start with. If you are going to interrupt her, please at least pay attention to the big brother as well – yes, we all know babies are cute, but the older child starts to feel left out when people “Ooh” and “Aah” over the multiples and ignore him. I will have to deal with the ramifications of said inattention the rest of the day. And when the person you are asking questions of starts walking away, do not follow. It’s her polite attempt to end the conversation.

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