3.5 month stats

Well, we had yet another perfect checkup today! Hard to believe the babies are 3.5 months old, and almost 2 months adjusted!

Some stats:
Jacen 23 in (long), 11lb3oz (weight), 41.8cm (head)
Jaina 21.5 in, 9lb8oz, 38cm
Valerie 22 in, 9lb13oz, 38.7cm

They’re right on track for where they should be, and ahead in some areas (compared to their adjusted age). Val is “talking” up a storm with us, and Jacen’s got the body strength going. Jaina is right in the middle, but doing great as well! It’ll be fun to see them start to interact more over the next few months and see what they do when they figure out they’ve got other babies around all the time!

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