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Upon request, here are the latest pics of the triplets! They’re 3 months old now, hard to believe. While they’ve started smiling and even cooing sometimes, they are not big fans of the camera and immediately stop the minute that horrible device shows up in mommy’s hands. I’m not a big fan of tutu’s and frilly things, but even I have to admit that on rare occasion the girls are absolutely adorable in them! Jaina LOVES being a pretty princess, and immediately stops her fussing, whereas Val looks at me like I’m crazy and just puts up with it long enough to make daddy happy and then is happy once it comes off.

The big boy is LOVING preschool. No pics of him at school, unfortunately, because if he sees me come in he immediately stops doing what he’s supposed to so he can run and say hi, but he seems to be taking well to it. The craziness of bundling the babies up in the stroller and then making the 10 minute walk is getting more routine the more often we do it, but I definately am not looking forward to the first time I have to take the four of them out in the car by myself. It’s just impossible to actually carry three carseats at once! Thank goodness for cart stalls in parking lots so I can park right next to it and load the carseats into carts that way as you can’t leave a kid in the car while you go get the cart!

If any of the nurses from NICU or 3 South are reading this – can you send me the address I can mail birth announcements/pics/letters to? 🙂 I appreciate it! hunt@alumni.ufl.edu

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