No words to describe


Can you even imagine? Training for months. Working harder and committing deeper to this than you have to anything before in your life. You make it 26 miles. You smile at the crowd around you. The crowd that is cheering for YOU. It is a holiday in the city. Workers have the day off, schools are closed, everyone who knows anything about running is at that finish line. To support YOU. Boston is said to be one of the friendliest marathons – best cheering crowd, best memories made, best scenery. People work their whole lives to run 26.2 miles faster than they ever have before, just in order to qualify to do it all over again.

And you get to 26.1 miles. You can see the finish line ahead. And then the world collapses into chaos.

Those families. Those runners. Newtown, CT, victims’ families are there.

There is nothing to say. There are no words for this tragedy.

I know that when I run 26.2 miles in October, it will be every single step in memory of those who lost their lives or limbs or selves today and will never run again. It will be for those military who go through the fear of that every day of their tours overseas. It will be for those who will not recover from this event and will be forever scarred.

Pray. Pray harder than you ever have before. Our country needs it.

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