How to carve pumpkins…

… when you have four extra sets of hands.

Step 1) Strip all small children naked. Cut the top of the pumpkins off to ensure full messiness can be achieved.

Step 2) Let the oldest of the children remove the insides of the pumpkin. Have parent #2 finish entirely scooping the second pumpkin out in the time that the oldest child manages to get one seed and a few strings of pumpkin.

Step 3) Let other small children play in the pumpkin gunk. Older son wants nothing to do with the ickiness of it, so let the other three make up for his lack of excitement.

Step 4) Let younger brother show older brother how it’s done.

Step 5) Quickly carve the shapes on the pumpkins and let older son help every few minutes to include him, yet ensure that pumpkins are done before it is too dark to see anymore.

And there you have it. Pumpkin carving with 4 under 5.

One thought on “How to carve pumpkins…

  1. I love it! That was a funny post : 0 ). I like the idea of stripping them down to the diapers. We will have to try that. Cleaning pumpkin gunk off of clothes does not sound fun. The designs turned out great. I think pumpkin carving is an adult arts and crafts project for the first several years.

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