Birthday Party!

I’m still working on getting photos uploaded and edited, but let’s just say it was a complete success. We had a few of our closest friends at the party, and it couldn’t have been more perfect!

Big brother very much enjoyed having his best friend there, and keeping it small was perfect. I’m not sure what we were thinking last year inviting 20+ kids, with only about 10 this year (including all siblings) it was amazing. We were able to talk to everyone, enjoy the play area, and then sit around and eat cupcakes/open presents without the kids getting tired of watching someone else open them. I mean, really, what 5 year old wants to stare at another kid open 30 presents for forever?!


Until I get the birthday photos loaded, I’ll leave you with one of the last pictures we have of him as a 4 year old. Can you believe my baby boy is 5?! Seems like just yesterday he looked like this…


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