While it’s nice that we have phones to take pictures of things quickly, sometimes, you also don’t realize just how many photos you’ve taken on there that never get sorted in with the rest.

So here is a small assortment of what you may have missed.

Whack a baby:

IMG_0701 IMG_0704

It’s like Whack-a-mole, only a baby and a laundry basket instead. This was all purely voluntary, for the record, there were no babies harmed in this process and they chose to do it to themselves.

And here is one of our more recent visits to the park. Thank goodness for fenced in playgrounds with gates that shut. And for playsets that aren’t too high up when they decide to try and head dive off.


Such big kids! Jaina enjoys going down the slide herself. Unfortunately, she’s so light she just flies off the end! Jacen enjoys the slide, but doesn’t like having to go around and climb back up each time. And Valerie likes laughing at them while they do it.


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